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Two books

Learn Ruby on Rails is called the "best book for beginners."

It's a two book series, providing both a study guide, and a step-by-step tutorial. No other tutorial does a better job of showing how to build applications with Rails.

5 In-Depth Guides

  • Devise Guide
    Set up authentication with Devise
  • Pundit Guide
    Implement authorization with Pundit
  • RSpec Guide
    Learn how to write tests using RSpec
  • Bootstrap Guide
    Use the Bootstrap front-end framework
  • Foundation Guide
    Use the Foundation front-end framework

7 Essential Tutorials

  • Mailing List with Active Job
    Mailing lists with background processing
  • OmniAuth Authentication
    Authentication with OmniAuth
  • Role-Based Authorization
    Adding simple role-based authorization
  • Signup and Download
    Use authorization to sign up for a mailing list and download an ebook
  • Stripe Checkout
    Sell a product with Stripe Checkout
  • Stripe JS With Coupons
    Integration of Rails and Stripe
  • Membership Site with Stripe
    Recurring billing using Stripe and the Payola gem

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