Project Obituary

The Railsapps project is no longer maintained.

Daniel Kehoe founded the project in 2011. The project was popular from 2012 to 2018 (when Rails 5.2 was released and interest in Rails began to decline). Tens of thousands of developers worldwide got started with Rails using the Railsapps project and the accompanying books and tutorials.


For starter applications that serve as templates or examples, see:

For learning about Rails, Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial is popular (though no longer free since 2019). Chris Oliver's GoRails is a great source for many free tutorial videos.

What it was

The RailsApps project was a series of open-source example applications that developers used to learn about and explore the Ruby on Rails web application framework. The project provided a variety of sample applications that covered different aspects of web development with Rails, such as authentication, authorization, testing, and deployment. Each example application included a detailed tutorial that explained how the application was built, and provided insight into best practices for building Rails applications. The RailsApps project was a helpful resource for developers who were new to Rails, or who were looking for ways to improve their understanding of the framework.

Rails Composer

The heart of the project was Rails Composer, a script with a menu that generated starter applications for Rails, based on popular options at the time. Each example application generated by Rails Composer was accompanied by a tutorial written by Daniel Kehoe.

Learn Ruby on Rails book

The Learn Ruby on Rails book was a popular introduction to Rails for beginners and a foundation for the advanced Rails tutorials from the RailsApps project. The book is still available (for free) at learn-rails.com. The book was written for Rails 5.1. Rails version 7 has been out since December 2021. The RailsApps advanced tutorials are no longer available.


A series of short introductory videos from Asia Granada and Daniel Kehoe are available from fullstackvideos.com and a Railsapps YouTube channel. The videos are still helpful.

Blog and GitHub

The RailsApps blog is still available on Tumblr. The RailsApps organization repositories are still on GitHub.

Where is Daniel Kehoe now?

Daniel Kehoe, the founder of the RailsApps project and the author of Learn Ruby on Rails, has been living in Southeast Asia since 2015 (he was last seen in Bali). Since leaving the Railsapps project he has worked as an Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, and CTO, according to his LinkedIn profile.


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