Is the book on Amazon the same as the book on this website?
The book on this website is newer than the book on Amazon (Amazon is slow to update books). The Amazon book is only available in a Kindle version. This website offers online (HTML), PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePUB (iBooks) versions of the book.
Are the tutorials offered in PDF, Mobi, or ePUB versions?
Tutorials are only offered in online (HTML) versions.
Are there any prerequisites? Will I have trouble if I am a beginner?
Start with the book Learn Ruby on Rails and you’ll have no problem. The book is suitable for an absolute beginner and will fully prepare you for the other tutorials.
Are the tutorials just for beginners?
No. The book Learn Ruby on Rails is for beginners. The tutorials range from beginner to intermediate level. Experienced developers like to use the tutorials as a refresher or reference.
How are the books and tutorials delivered? Are there any videos?
The books and tutorials are online, text only. The books are also offered in downloadable PDF, Epub, and Kindle formats. There are videos to supplement the books.
Are the tutorials up to date?
The books are written for Rails 5.1. The tutorials are written for the latest version of Rails 4.2. Each tutorial is accompanied by an example application on GitHub. The example applications are all open source. You can check the issues in each repository to see if there are problems. Most issues are resolved quickly by the author or contributors so the example applications are always up to date.
How are these tutorials different from other Rails books and tutorials and videos?
These tutorials are based on starter applications that Rails developers actually use as a basis for many custom projects. The starter applications integrate all the gems and features, such as front-end framework, authentication, and authorization that are used in most real-world applications. The goal of the tutorials is to explain everything so there is no mystery code.
How long are the books and tutorials?
The two Learn Ruby on Rails books total 330 pages. It takes more than a weekend to read the books. The tutorials are short- or medium-length books. Each can be read in a few hours.
What if I don't like scaffolding or code generators?
The Learn Ruby on Rails book shows how to build everything from scratch. If you follow the book closely, you'll see learn to build applications without scaffolding or code generators. The tutorials use the Rails Composer application template to build a basic starter application, to avoid repetition and save time. It's common practice to use Rails Composer to build starter applications, and for students who have learned to build applications from scratch using the Learn Ruby on Rails book, there is no disadvantage.
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