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Archive Tutorials (Rails 3.2)

Rails with Authentication and Authorization
Devise for user management with CanCan for an administrative dashboard plus Bootstrap for design.
Startup Prelaunch Site
"Launching soon" application for a startup prelaunch site with a signup page.
Membership Site with Stripe for Billing
Build a complete membership site with recurring billing using Stripe billing services.
Membership Site with Recurly for Billing
Same as above, using Recurly for billing services.


Learn Ruby on Rails
the "best book for beginners" for Rails 4.1
Rails and Bootstrap
full-length tutorial for Rails 4.1

Quickstart Guides

Bootstrap Quickstart Guide
the Bootstrap front-end framework with Rails 4.1
Foundation Quickstart Guide
the Foundation front-end framework with Rails 4.1
RSpec Quickstart Guide
learn to test using RSpec for Rails 4.1